Centerbase Version 8.4.2

The latest update to Centerbase is coming! Learn about the latest enhancements and improvements below.

What’s New?


Pre-bill Previews

See a preview of your bill before it’s generated as a prebill. Depending on firm settings, certain may not be able to generate bills. With prebill preview, users can still see what a bill will look like and be able to provide input. 

Variable Origination

More intuitive calculations for origination settings. Now allowing originator share percentages to differ based on Partner or non-Partner status. These shares will feed into Production & Origination reports.

Historical Titles

Track the titles of users when their role changes. This is particularly important when origination amounts accrued must be associated with the timekeeper’s title at the time that billable work was worked.

General Improvements

Billing and Accounting

  • Resolved an issue when generating bills when rounding method is set to ‘Nearest’
  • Fixed an issue where Manually allocated payment distributions didn’t update the fee balance on invoice
  • Fixed issue when downloading Journal Entries to excel the value of the entry was $0.00
  • Updated ‘Save and Duplicate’ button in Check Writing to correctly duplicate line items
  • Updated Vouchers to use the entered Description from a single line item on the printed check
  • Resolved an issue where ShowOnRegister was inappropriately getting set to ‘true’ when paying vendor bills or trust bank transfers
  • Fixed an issue where Merging Billing Entries on a Posted Bill caused inactive billing entries
  • Resolved an issue where reversing a payment from trust before it is transferred causes PTO and POT to permanently have a balance
  • Resolved an issue where LawPay payments were not respecting time zones appropriately
  • Fixed an issue where generating project bills in bulk does not add the fee amount

Calendar and Email

  • Fixed an issue where some users got an error when creating recurring tasks
  • Resolved an issue where email reminders were still coming for completed tasks

Chart Wizard

  • Resolved an issue where adding tiles that are not in the dashboard causes an error
  • Added protections for Chart Wizard to respect item security

Form Designer

  • Fixed an issue where some users were not able to remove a field on Form Designer
  • Resolved an issue where duplicated fields in the form designer caused an error
  • Resolved an issue when setting a form design to be the default failed to display correctly


  • Resolved an issue where the Add/Remove deadline buttons didn’t work

Mass Edit

  • Added protections to prevent editing Trust Transaction fields in Mass Edit
  • Added protections to prevent editing fields that can change the invoice total in Mass Edit


  • Resolved a timeout error for Reconciliation
  • Resolved a timeout error for Vendor Checks
  • Resolved a timeout issue on the Bank Accounts view
  • Fixed issue where new users were not getting assigned a title
  • Resolved Conflict Check inconsistency issue
  • Resolved an issue where setting fields were locked inappropriately
  • Removed inactive users from the Taskframe user list dropdown
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to save changes to a workflow when there were too many matter fields
  • Added double click protection to the Save when creating a new Navbar item
  • Added double click protections for Journal Entries


  • Created Utilization by Billing Attorney
  • Created Summary of Hours
  • Created Aged WIP (Expenses) by Client/Matter
  • Created Client/Matter Retainer Balance by Billing Attorney
  • Created Unpaid Invoices by Client
  • Created Client Credit Only History
  • Fixed Aged AR by Timekeeper to exclude expenses that a timekeeper created
  • Resolved an issue for the Matter Metrics report where some firms reported getting an “Out of Memory” error.
  • Created Check Report
  • Created Attorney Summary Report by Originating Attorney
  • Created Collection Realization by Originating Attorney
  • Created Timekeeper Incentive Report
  • Created Collection Realization Report
  • Resolved an issue for AR Report when switching views
  • Added Summary/Detail to WUWDWO Report

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’ve been wanting to switch to Centerbase, but my staff doesn’t like change. How can Centerbase make the change easy for my whole firm?

    Change is hard – no matter what solution you choose.

    Your staff has differing opinions, processes they’re used to, etc. And even if a change makes their lives easier in the long run, learning a new system can feel overwhelming.

    But the best way to bridge the gap between a promising purchase and the reality of a successful integration is proper training. That’s why we make sure your staff gets as much coaching as needed from our expert Centerbase Trainers.

    Before your Centerbase site goes live, you’ll be offered 7 different training sessions (and any extras you may need). Plus, you’ll be walked through your entire site and have it configured to your and your staff’s wishes. And with our NetDocuments and Microsoft Office integrations, you’ll be using tools your team already knows and loves. So you’ll be familiar with your site even before your first log in.

    But most of our clients say using Centerbase is as easy as online shopping. So if your staff has that mastered, they can intuitively navigate Centerbase in just a few minutes.

    Change may still seem daunting simply because it’s different and new. But after a few days, you’ll feel like you’ve been using the system forever.

    “Training in Centerbase is so much easier than what it would have been if I had to train somebody new in Time Matters. I really believe the system is very user-friendly. Anyone who has some semblance of an idea of working with computers, even if it’s online shopping. Just being able to navigate tabs and engage filters to get to what you want is so much easier to train a new person on than our old system.” -Centerbase User

  • I’ve heard firms love Centerbase, but most practices in my area use legacy solutions. Why would a firm using a legacy solution migrate to Centerbase?

    While solutions for firms like e-billing and matter management have been around for decades, many firms using legacy platforms find they don’t have the tools to keep their finances and documents straight. Centerbase helps practices track client and firm financials. So you can keep tabs on trusts, allocations, and accruals all in one place. And more importantly, pass audits easily to demonstrate that your firm is a fiscally responsible business unit.

    Plus, our NetDocuments partnership or our proprietary document management and storage means every document is easily findable, bait stamped, and stored securely to the appropriate client or matter. Meaning you never waste time hunting down documents again.

    Another reason firms stay with legacy systems is fear of implementation and data migration. You’ll love that Centerbase has a structured and repeatable implementation process we’ve completed with 100% success every time – as well as an expert data migration team and a clear implementation outline you can find here. We also configure Centerbase for your specific practice area during implementation. So you’re hands-on with us every step of the way to make sure your new platform is perfect for your firm.

  • I love the idea of having my firm in the cloud because my team can work from anywhere. But is it the safest option?

    It’s normal to feel hesitant about storing your data somewhere you can’t see or touch. You made a promise to your clients to keep their personal information safe, secure, and confidential. And we’re here to help you keep that promise.

    With over 16 years of incident-free experience hosting clients in our secure Cloud infrastructure, we create a safe environment for both you and your client’s information. Your site will stay up and running continuously because we run 24/7 high availability VMWARE clusters. And with a 99.999% uptime, your site will only have < 5 minutes of downtime a year.

    Plus, even our backups have backups. We encrypt all client backups with industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption before writing the data to our servers. It would take over one trillion years for brute force attacks to break through these measures.

    And if you’re worried about losing your data, we’ve had no data loss over our 16-year history. All Centerbase databases are continuously backed up, and we maintain a mirrored disaster recovery location that is fully capable of taking over in the unlikely event of a catastrophe at our main data center locations.

    The truth is, we want you to be skeptical because we know you’ll be pleased with all the answers you find. That’s why you should keep reading, and check out our security information.

  • I’ve been holding off on switching legal tech platforms because I’m overwhelmed with all the options on the market. Why do firms choose Centerbase over other practice management solutions?

    Most legal software is just that – software.

    Centerbase is an entire platform. We aren’t just billing, timekeeping, or accounting. We’re an entirely configurable solution that houses everything you need to run your firm in one central place. This means when you’re building and running reports, our platform already knows what data you need and where to find it since our system is 100% interconnected.

    And while most legal tech share similar features, we always take it one step further. Don’t settle for simple trust accounting. Manage as many trusts and retainers as you need for even just one client or matter. Don’t choose software that handles matter management but can’t track production and origination. You deserve a platform like Centerbase that goes beyond just covering the basics. We dig deep to give you solutions other software hasn’t even thought to create yet. That’s why so many firms are leaving their current software for Centerbase. Click here to see a detailed view of how we stack up against competitors.

    Plus, you’ll never have to worry about your software going out of date. We update Centerbase monthly to make sure it’s continuously optimized. Which means your firm won’t fall behind yet again in 5 – 10 years. We’re here to last your practice a lifetime, so you don’t have to make a software switch again.

  • I’m looking for a solution to end all the extra clicking I do in my current software. How can Centerbase help automate workflows for my practice?

    The extra clicks from one tool to the next waste your time and increase the possibility for human errors. But “automating your workflows” also sounds technical and time consuming.

    The truth is, you already know your firm’s workflow and how you operate best. We just automate that for you.

    Every process in your firm from pre-billing to bill reminders can be automated. Your matters are automatically updated with new billing and client information, and clients get automated updates when there’s a change in their case or a meeting has moved. So you don’t have to remember to individually notify clients about every bill and matter update.

    You can even onboard clients instantly by automating your entire intake process. Conflict-check, open matters, and set first meetings with 0 clicks. So you can finally multi-task without the fear of forgetting something on your to-do list.

  • My law firm only has 20 staff members. Can Centerbase still work for us?

    Of course! We work with midsize firms that have anywhere between 20 to 250 staff members.

  • I’m ready to change my legal tech platform, but I’m worried the implementation process will slow down my firm. Will we be able to run normally during the switch?

    Absolutely. Time is quite literally money at your firm.

    With our implementation process, you’ll have a smooth transition from your previous system to Centerbase without stalling your firm’s operations. We complete multiple rounds of test migrations and training to make sure that when your site goes live – it’s 100% ready for you. We even walk you through your first round of bills within Centerbase, so your firm doesn’t miss a billing cycle.

    You take your job seriously – and so do we. That’s why we won’t let you down (or let your firm have downtime) during the switch.