Centerbase Version 8.4.2

The latest update to Centerbase is coming! Learn about the latest enhancements and improvements below.

What’s New?


Pre-bill Previews

See a preview of your bill before it’s generated as a prebill. Depending on firm settings, certain may not be able to generate bills. With prebill preview, users can still see what a bill will look like and be able to provide input. 

Variable Origination

More intuitive calculations for origination settings. Now allowing originator share percentages to differ based on Partner or non-Partner status. These shares will feed into Production & Origination reports.

Historical Titles

Track the titles of users when their role changes. This is particularly important when origination amounts accrued must be associated with the timekeeper’s title at the time that billable work was worked.

General Improvements

Billing and Accounting

  • Resolved an issue when generating bills when rounding method is set to ‘Nearest’
  • Fixed an issue where Manually allocated payment distributions didn’t update the fee balance on invoice
  • Fixed issue when downloading Journal Entries to excel the value of the entry was $0.00
  • Updated ‘Save and Duplicate’ button in Check Writing to correctly duplicate line items
  • Updated Vouchers to use the entered Description from a single line item on the printed check
  • Resolved an issue where ShowOnRegister was inappropriately getting set to ‘true’ when paying vendor bills or trust bank transfers
  • Fixed an issue where Merging Billing Entries on a Posted Bill caused inactive billing entries
  • Resolved an issue where reversing a payment from trust before it is transferred causes PTO and POT to permanently have a balance
  • Resolved an issue where LawPay payments were not respecting time zones appropriately
  • Fixed an issue where generating project bills in bulk does not add the fee amount

Calendar and Email

  • Fixed an issue where some users got an error when creating recurring tasks
  • Resolved an issue where email reminders were still coming for completed tasks

Chart Wizard

  • Resolved an issue where adding tiles that are not in the dashboard causes an error
  • Added protections for Chart Wizard to respect item security

Form Designer

  • Fixed an issue where some users were not able to remove a field on Form Designer
  • Resolved an issue where duplicated fields in the form designer caused an error
  • Resolved an issue when setting a form design to be the default failed to display correctly


  • Resolved an issue where the Add/Remove deadline buttons didn’t work

Mass Edit

  • Added protections to prevent editing Trust Transaction fields in Mass Edit
  • Added protections to prevent editing fields that can change the invoice total in Mass Edit


  • Resolved a timeout error for Reconciliation
  • Resolved a timeout error for Vendor Checks
  • Resolved a timeout issue on the Bank Accounts view
  • Fixed issue where new users were not getting assigned a title
  • Resolved Conflict Check inconsistency issue
  • Resolved an issue where setting fields were locked inappropriately
  • Removed inactive users from the Taskframe user list dropdown
  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to save changes to a workflow when there were too many matter fields
  • Added double click protection to the Save when creating a new Navbar item
  • Added double click protections for Journal Entries


  • Created Utilization by Billing Attorney
  • Created Summary of Hours
  • Created Aged WIP (Expenses) by Client/Matter
  • Created Client/Matter Retainer Balance by Billing Attorney
  • Created Unpaid Invoices by Client
  • Created Client Credit Only History
  • Fixed Aged AR by Timekeeper to exclude expenses that a timekeeper created
  • Resolved an issue for the Matter Metrics report where some firms reported getting an “Out of Memory” error.
  • Created Check Report
  • Created Attorney Summary Report by Originating Attorney
  • Created Collection Realization by Originating Attorney
  • Created Timekeeper Incentive Report
  • Created Collection Realization Report
  • Resolved an issue for AR Report when switching views
  • Added Summary/Detail to WUWDWO Report

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I need support, who do I contact?

    For all support related questions, please submit a ticket and a member of our support team will be in touch with you ASAP.

  • When will my Centerbase site be updated to version 8.4?

    All client sites will be updated to the newest release of Centerbase 8.4 Thursday, May 27th. Prior to the update all Centerbase clients will receive an email containing the official time and date of the release go-live.

  • Will there be a training on features and updates included in Centerbase 8.4?

    Yes! We hosted a training on the new updates which was recorded and can be accessed by clicking here.