Release Notes – August ’20

New Features

Activity Chat

Chat functionality added to activities

  • Chat has now been expanded into activities like appointments and tasks.
  • Each activity will have its own chat channel/history.
  • Notifications for mentions or subscribed chats on activities will direct users right to the appropriate activity upon clicking.
Copy/Share Links

Share links with colleagues that navigate directly to a designated page in their browser

Share link functionality makes it easier for users to share different types of records like matters, contacts, or activities.

New & Improved Calendar Filters

Customize your calendar view with more robust filter parameters

General Improvements

  • Added specific permissions for Posting/UnPosting Bills, rather than the general Can Manage Billing permission
  • Fix for Attaching emails silently failing when “Do Not Attach Emails to All Related Items” email setting under advanced configuration is not checked.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes lists could not show Linked Records on the Admin Tool
  • Fixed issue where trying to create a Bill/Invoice from the “Add New” menu (Big Plus Button) would fail
  • Changed default behavior of Trust/Retainer Transaction dialogs back to selecting Undeposited Funds, rather than the specific GL Account associated with the Trust/Retainer Account
  • Standardized formatting on Remittance Copies to more closely match the formatting of the rest of a Bill/Invoice
  • Fixed issue where Records could sometimes not be edited if they had Addresses or Phone Numbers as required Fields.
  • Improved performance for large amounts of Accounts when searching the Chart of Accounts
  • Fixed instances where searches for All Day Activities would sometimes show from the day after/before the chosen date range
  • Fixed issue where Reminders for an Activity could only be deleted by the User that created them
  • Added validation to prevent changing Accounting Settings from before the Closing Date
  • Fixed an issue where changing a Rate Table would not affect existing Billing Entries, even when specified.
  • Fixed an issue where some mobile phone browsers would not correctly display the Bill Web Copy
  • Fixed issue where Activities created for LawToolBox Deadlines would not immediately sync with Outlook365
  • Improved performance of Basic Reports that involve linked fields