Currently Live 🎉

Centerbase Version 8.4

The newest version of Centerbase is right around the corner! Check out the newest features, updates, and, improvements below.

Miss the 8.4 Release training webinar? No sweat, view the recording here any time 👇

What’s New?


Custom Dashboards and Charts

Visualizing the data related to the business activities of your firm is a great way to get a high-level overview of performance and to see trends. You can customize your dashboard with pre-created charts to give you the view you want.

Now, you can also create your own charts without needing to utilize the Admin Tool to create them. The Centerbase Chart Wizard allows you to add your own date range, multiple item types, and activity fields to give you the data view you need to make business decisions.


Consolidated Bills

For firms who are working on several different matters at once for one client, compiling bills with multiple billable items or in varying billing arrangements can be time-consuming, which is why Consolidated Billing comes in handy.

In this release, you can now:

  • View the Web Copy versions of your consolidated bills to make it easier to share electronically with your clients, or anyone outside of your firm.
  • Include a link to the web copy version of your consolidated bill to emails using a mail merge template.

General Improvements

Office 365:

  • Resolved issue with Date Filter when filtering billing entries using “Before” and “After”.
  • Resolved an error when saving on the System Settings Office 365 Page.
  • Resolved an issue where the user cannot change the organizer on an appointment after it has been un-synced.
  • Resolved an issue where recurring events that are older than 30 days were being deleted from Centerbase.
  • Enhanced Processing for updating/creating an exception of a recurrence in O365.

Billing and Accounting:

  • Resolved an issue where occasional LawPay payments were not getting added to Centerbase.
  • Resolved an error that occurs after connecting to LawPay and logging in.
  • Added Trust Overpayment from LawPay
  • Resolved an issue where the “Save & New” option was inappropriately combining check amounts.
  • Added validation to check that fee arrangement has an account.
  • Updated Trust Replenishment to allow for cents.
  • Removed Required Fields from Mass Edit check.
  • Resolved an issue where trust transactions are not fully deleted as intended.
  • Added Posting Protection to prevent a bill from being posted if it has any inactive entries.
  • Resolved an issue where Billing Entries rates were not updated appropriately when a user is moved from one rate group to another while “Unbilled Entries” is selected.
  • Add control to allow the user to set “Dependent Object” on Billing Entries.
  • Resolved dialog issue where it was reading “invoice” instead of “bill” when moving billing entries across prebills.

Conflict Check:

  • Updated conflict checks to appropriately display the results instead of falsely claiming “Max Results Exceeded” error.
  • Updated conflict check export so that it exports with search criteria, timestamp, and User Name when run with “No results found.”
  • Updated Error Handling for Conflict Check so that more information is provided in the case of an error.
  • Resolved an issue where the Conflict Check was returning more results that expected when multiple search fields are used.

Client Portal:

  • Updated Client Portal document sharing so that it no longer relies on the presence of File Explorer.
  • Resolved an error when trying to share documents in the Client Portal.
  • Resolved Invalid URL error when trying to login to the Client Portal.
  • Resolved an issue where changing the Company Name in the Client Portal causes a Logoff error.


  • Updated WIP-AR-Trust Report to accurately report Project Matter fees as WIP.

 General Improvements

  • Resolved an issue where “Export to CSV” would navigate the user off Centerbase.
  • Resolved an issue where Centerbase was showing an “Undefined Timestamp” in the Chat Related Tab under Matters.
  • Resolved an issue with the Timekeeping Timer where it was showing the incorrect number of hours worked when the timer is running.
  • Resolved an issue with cursor focus not aligning after scrolling on record tables.
  • Updated Automated Time Capture view to appropriately display all phone numbers on for the client.
  • Updated Journal Entry dropdown to accurately show account type/number.
  • Added a Mail Log to better track communication with the Mail Server.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I need support, who do I contact?

    For all support related questions, please submit a ticket and a member of our support team will be in touch with you ASAP.

  • When will my Centerbase site be updated to version 8.4?

    All client sites will be updated to the newest release of Centerbase 8.4 Thursday, May 27th. Prior to the update all Centerbase clients will receive an email containing the official time and date of the release go-live.

  • Will there be a training on features and updates included in Centerbase 8.4?

    Yes! We hosted a training on the new updates which was recorded and can be accessed by clicking here.