Centerbase Version 8.2

The newest version of Centerbase 8.2 is now live on all Centerbase sites! Check out all of the updates below and be sure to register for the client training webinar this Thursday at 2:00 p.m. CT.

New Features

Accounts Receivables

AR Sweep

AR sweep is a convenient way to view the outstanding balances and any available funds for all your matters in order to help pay multiple bills simultaneously. Quickly filter information like Trust Accounts, Clients, Matters, and Balance Status.

Accounting  (Beta)

Accrual Accounting

Centerbase now natively supports accrual accounting in our Billing & Accounting package. When client/vendor bills are recorded in accrual accounting, income and expenses are recognized immediately rather than waiting until a payment is received or made.


Office 365 Calendar/Activity Enhancements

The Centerbase integration with Outlook/Office365 has received several major upgrades, making one of the most essential parts of Centerbase more powerful than ever. Now, for appointments created in Outlook, a single activity is added to the Centerbase calendar, containing the response status of each individual invited to the meeting.


Customizable Dashboards

Create personalized, custom dashboards with drag-and-drop simplicity in seconds. Dashboards are personal to each Centerbase user, so everyone can get the data they need to make decisions faster.

Charts on dashboard are also exportable as jpg, png, csv. xlsx. or pdf.

Accounts Payable

Vendor Credits/Negative Vendor Bill Line Items

Centerbase now allows you create vendor credits in accounts payable and use them to apply to outstanding vendor bills. You can also now add negative line items on a vendor bill to credit a client back on a matter expense.

Mobile App

Updated Mobile App

The Centerbase Mobile app has also been updated to work seamlessly with the newest 8.2 release of Centerbase. Be sure to download the new version on Google Play for android or The apple App Store for iPhone.


General Improvements

  • Allowing set “Fees Projected” field to be edited from the Matter Metrics tab
  • Updated interface for Secure Chat
  • The copy link feature has been expanded to now include records like trust bank transfers, checks, deposits, refunds, disbursements, journal entries, and bank deposits
  • Fixed issues when an unapplied payment made to the Matter/Client was reversed
  • Fixed issues with allocations from payments that had been reversed being changed, but the reversal keeping the original allocations
  • Added ability to set a default Expense Account for a Vendor, to make Checks and Vendor Bills easier to create
  • Fixed issue when trying to copy a link to CB Record, after having used another link to open CB
  • Fixed issue where Project Matters would appear and generate Bills on the Generate Bills page, even if the Project had no amount left to bill
  • Default Invoice Legal template now shows the Notes field for Unallocated Payments
  • Fixed issue when trying to memorize a Vendor Bill, but got an error saying it had already been created
  • Taskframe now has a more versatile selection of gradients for the board backgrounds instead of single colors
  • Fixed issue with Taskframe where the description box would be shrunk if there were more than one User scheduled for the Task
  • Fixed issue where certain fields were not editable from the System Settings > User Information area
  • Added system setting for changing the default date range on the Timekeeper Analysis Report

New Reports

Admin Tool Updates

  • Fixed issue where importing with the “Link & Add” option with large numbers of Records could link the wrong Records, or none at all, to a portion of the imported Records

Admin Tool Updates

Microsoft Office Add-In Updates

  • Outlook – Fixed inconsistencies in how the “attach” button behaves depending on which window it was pressed

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will my Centerbase site be updated to version 8.2?

    All client sites are now officially updated and on the latest 8.2 version of Centerbase.

  • Will there be a training webinar that covers all of the new features?

    Yes, we will host a live webinar and Q&A on Thursday, January 14th at 2:00 p.m. Central Time. This webinar will be recorded for all clients that are unable to attend. Click here to register.

  • If I need support, who do I contact?

    For all support related questions, please submit a ticket and a member of our support team will be in touch with you ASAP.