Here’s What’s New in Centerbase

Our goal is to offer our clients the latest and greatest law firm technology. Centerbase provides more enhancements, at a faster rate than any other software provider. Take a look at some of our latest updates to Centerbase.

January 2021 Product Update

This release is jam packed with major features and enhancements to our Billing & Accounting suite. We’ve added major features like AR sweep, accrual accounting, customizable dashboards, and more!

September 2020 Product Update

We’ve made massive enhancements to Automatic Time Capture to make it, well, fully automatic! Also included in this release is a slew of enhanced security/privacy preferences, UI upgrades and more!

June 2020 Product Update

We’ve been hard at work to improve and optimize Centerbase to make it faster, more reliable, and easier to use than ever. In addition to a few bug fixes and general improvements, we’ve launched four major new features in what is one of our biggest releases to date.

May 2020 Product Update

This update is primarily bug fixes, general improvements and issue fixes.