Centerbase | Practice Areas | Family Law Software

Legal software for family law firms

Family law firms operate differently than other practice groups. With a variety of roles — from administrators to paralegals, associates and case managers plus finance — few practice management applications are tailored to each of those needs. But thankfully, Centerbase has all the features you could want for your family law software.

Focus on your Clients and Let Centerbase Take Care of the Rest

We know that family law firms have recurring demands from clients and the need for constant communication. We created Centerbase to serve your firm and elevate the level of service you deliver to clients by automating many of the “in-between tasks” that slow your team down throughout the day.

Matter management

Track all the important matter information in one centralized location, accessible to your firm. Relate important documents, tasks, emails, and contacts directly to your matter.


Track meetings, depositions, court dates and deadlines effortlessly. Enter time as you finish a task. Organize, visualize, and execute complex firm projects, matters, and litigation.


Dramatically reduce the time needed to generate and send invoices each month. Email invoices and accept credit card payments through Centerbase. Get paid faster.

Document management

All your documents are at your fingertips. Organize and access them from anywhere on any device. Integrate with Microsoft Office to tie documents to timekeeping.

Trust accounting & IOLTA management

Deposit, transfer and maintain up-to-date reports across your entire portfolio.


Reporting and analytics features give real-time insight into a firm’s productivity and profitability. Visualize data, view custom reports and graphical representations of billing hours, revenues, and invoices.