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Legal software for civil litigation law firms

Every civil litigation case requires the management of deadlines, documents, and details with little room for error or disorganization.

The confidence and control you need to win

Centerbase’s civil litigation software provides customizable case workflows to keep everyone on track and on time. From the time a potential new client retains the firm to the day the case is settled each step is choreographed and monitored for completion.

Matter management

Track all the important matter information in one centralized location, accessible to your firm. Relate important documents, tasks, emails, and contacts directly to your matter.


Track meetings, depositions, court dates and deadlines effortlessly. Enter time as you finish a task. Organize, visualize, and execute complex firm projects, matters, and litigation.


Dramatically reduce the time needed to generate and send invoices each month. Email invoices and accept credit card payments through Centerbase. Get paid faster.

Document management

All your documents are at your fingertips. Organize and access them from anywhere on any device. Integrate with Microsoft Office to tie documents to timekeeping.

Legal accounting

Centerbase includes all of the accounting features you need to run your firm from one software, instead of relying on links between third-party accounting packages.

Financial reporting

Get real-time insight into a firm’s productivity and profitability. Visualize data, view custom reports and graphical representations of billing hours, revenues, and invoices.