Centerbase for Paralegals

Do your job in less time than ever before.


Easy client and matter onboarding

Configurable matter layouts – Pick from a list of matter layouts that matches the information you need to track on a specific engagement.

Automatic folder generation – Open a matter and have Centerbase automatically generate the subfolder structure for you.

Powerful rate tables – Assign a preconfigured rate table to a matter instead of having to reenter timekeeper rates.

Calendar in less time

Automatically generate tasks related to a matter – Use our workflow engine to automatically generate a list of tasks once a matter is opened or reaches a certain stage.

Schedule deadlines without manual calculations – Take advantage of our LawToolBox integration to automatically calculate and calendar deadlines based on your jurisdiction.

Generate deadline reports to keep everyone on track – Easily create deadline reports to review with your team. Create reports for each responsible party for the entire team.

Sift through documents and emails faster

One organized repository for everyone on your team – Utilize the Centerbase document management features or our integration with NetDocuments to organize all matter-related documents in one place.

Save emails in one click – Our integration with Microsoft Outlook makes it easy to save emails directly into Centerbase. If you need to reply to an email, easily pop the email out from Centerbase back into Outlook.

Powerful document searching capabilities – Search for documents within Centerbase using our powerful search features. Whittle down the list of results based on different document properties until you find what you’re looking for.

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