Accelerate your monthly billing & accounting processes

Track time, automate bills, and account for every dollar coming in and out of your firm.


Bill 30% faster

Manage your billing process electronically and concurrently, speeding up your billing process every month.

Eliminate double work

Fully integrated billing and accounting means never having to enter the same information in multiple systems.

High-speed reporting

Make decisions faster with customizable reports without creating time consuming pivot tables.

Hassle-free timekeeping

Automated timekeeping – Automatically capture time spent making phone calls or sending text messages from Centerbase.

Mobile timekeeping – Enter time using our mobile app. Run timers and dictate time entry descriptions while you’re on the go.

Native timekeeping from Outlook and Word – Create time entries without having to leave the programs you work in all day long – Microsoft Outlook and Word.

Unlimited rate tables – Create standard rate schedules and apply them directly to each client or matter. As your rates change over time, create new versions of your rate tables to ensure everyone is billed correctly.

Bill more time. In less time.

Flexible fee arrangements – Set up fee arrangements that make sense to you and your clients. Whether it’s hourly, flat fee, subscription, project, or fees/expenses only, we have you covered.

Electronic pre-bill approval – Electronically distribute pre-bills to your staff. As soon as a pre-bill is approved, it’s sent to the next reviewer with the previous person’s changes. Speed up your pre-bill approval process by 30% by approving bills concurrently.

Send bills differently – Submit bills to clients the way they expect. Our application supports printing, emailing, eBill generation and accessing bills from a client portal.

Credit card processing – Get paid faster using our LawPay integration. Emails bill out to your clients and watch payments come in within minutes of sending bills out.

Built-in accounting you can trust

General ledger accounting – Integrate your accounting functions into your billing software to streamline your back office functions. Enter a payment for your client or write a check on behalf of a client without having to enter information in two places.

Trust accounting – Understand exactly who every dollar in your IOLTA bank accounts belongs to. Make bill payments from client trust accounts or deposit funds into your IOLTA accounts without worrying about numbers adding up.

Vendor management – Enter vendor bills and create client expenses from one place, ensuring every client cost advanced is billed back to the client.

Online bank & credit card feeds – Connect your online credit cards and banks accounts so you can account for every transaction.

Centralized financial reporting

Business reporting – Generate your profit and loss, balance sheet and trial balance reports directly from Centerbase. Segment reports based on different criteria such as office, practice area or attorney to see what part of the business is making the most money for the firm.

Productivity and budget reporting – Run productivity and budget reports on matters and timekeepers to make sure everything is running smoothly. Check in on our aged WIP reports to make certain time spent working on client matters is getting billed.

Compensation reporting – Track your attorney’s compensation without using spreadsheets. Our reports let you track origination compensation or production compensation based on each attorney’s collected fees. Run reports at any point throughout the month so you know exactly where your team stands.

Custom report builder – Build deeply custom reports in seconds that inform complex business decisions. Report on virtually any metric in Centerbase with a myriad of visualization options.

See how firms use Centerbase to simplify legal billing & accounting processes.

“Centerbase is thoughtful in its approach of what worked and what didn’t and compiled an inclusive product that is constantly evolving with ease.”

Holly Pulido
Firm Administrator, Gray Becker PC

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