Manage more cases in less time

Practice management software built for law firms with heavy caseloads.


Increase visibility

View every detail about matters in one place, so everyone can get the right information at the right time.

Improve teamwork

Communicate and coordinate right from a matter and get your whole team moving in the same direction.

Answer clients faster

Clients expect answers fast. Access important information about their case no matter where your team works.

Powerful matter management

Real-time matter dashboard & budget reports – Provide your client with up to the minute updates on their matter as you meet or speak on the phone. Reduce dependencies on administrators or billing team to give you the information you need.

Flexible matter layout – Set up your matters to track the information that’s important to you. Create multiple matter layouts to match each over your firm’s practice areas and create as many custom fields as you need to keep your matters organized.

Everything related to your matter in one place – Access everything related to a matter from one place. View deadlines, parties, documents, emails and outstanding bills from one screen.

Automate your case management – Keep your matters up to date without lifting a finger. Use our automated workflow engine to assign tasks for members of your team, send update emails to your client or to keep information on your matter up to date.

Centralized calendaring & deadline tracking

Firm-wide calendaring – Track your entire firm’s schedule in a centralized calendar. Keep track of open conference rooms and resources so you never run into scheduling conflicts.

Reminder system – Set popup or email reminders for all your important appointments or deadlines so you can focus on the present instead of worrying about events in the future. Each event can have as many reminders as you need to keep your schedule organized.

Office 365 integration – Sync our calendar with your Outlook calendar using O365. Our bi-directional sync will keep your calendar up to date with changes made from any device.

Court rule & deadline management – Schedule deadlines based on court rules using our LawToolBox integration. Select a jurisdiction, trigger data and watch your deadlines automatically generate and populate your calendar.

Project Management Tools

Visualize tasks – Use kanban style task management boards to stay focused on goals, projects, and daily tasks to keep your matters moving along. Create tasks for members of your team and see when things have been completed.

Internal matter chat – Get out of your inbox. Use our internal chat tools to communicate with members of your team from within a matter. Keep conversation logs so you can always look back at the previous day’s conversation.

Matter reporting – Create reports to track and review your caseload during weekly status update meetings. Customize the report to track information important to you, whether it’s upcoming deadlines or status updates.

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“Centerbase is incredibly customizable. There is no limit to what you can do. The software elevates practice management so that operations are more fluid.”

Theresa Aslin
Director of Client Relations, Kantor & Kantor, LLP

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