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LawPay Integration

When you integrate LawPay with Centerbase, you give your clients a quick and streamlined way to make credit card payments. Plus, you’ll receive the funds days sooner than you would have had they paid via paper check.

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LawPay + Centerbase Brings Ease, Security, and Convenience to Online Legal Payments

Run online payments without traditional card reader equipment.

Enable your clients to pay via desktop or on mobile devices.

Schedule payments to ensure easy payment receipt and accelerate cash flow.

Protect themselves from payment disputes by requiring authorization signatures.

Stop waiting for the mail to deliver paper checks and instead accept eCheck payments.

Added Convenience to Bill Payments

Your clients can continue to access their bills however you currently make them available (email, postal mail, or client portal), with the added ability to make online payments with a credit card from any desktop or mobile device.

Simplified Transactions

Trust replenishments and bill payments can be done in a single transaction, making payments more streamlined for your clients and speeding up cash flows for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My firm uses LawPay for our credit card payments. What kinds of software integrations exist within Centerbase?

    Centerbase offers many software integrations, including one for LawPay. We are proud to offer a complete integration so that you can access the full functionality that you have come to know and love about LawPay, all without ever needing to leave Centerbase.

  • Is Centerbase cloud-based?

    Yes, Centerbase is entirely cloud-based so you can securely access it whenever and wherever you are – there’s no need to be onsite at your firm.

  • How secure is Centerbase?

    Very. At Centerbase, we understand your responsibility to your clients to keep their personal information safe, secure, and confidential. With over 16 years of incident-free experience hosting clients in our secure Cloud infrastructure, we create a safe environment for both you and your client’s information.

    We run 24/7 high availability VMWARE clusters that allow us to keep your services up and running continuously. We have maintained a 99.999% uptime with an average of <5 minutes of total downtime per year. Want to learn more? Check out our security information.

  • Does Centerbase have a mobile app?

    We do! Available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, you can carry your law firm in the palm of your hand or your back pocket with the Centerbase app. Click here to download for iOS. Click here to download for Android.

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