Use iManage & Centerbase to streamline your document management

With Centerbase as your firm’s central hub, automatically create workspaces with appropriate folder structures using the iManage integration. So you can access documents faster. Share them seamlessly. And edit them easily.

See how it works

Watch our iManage + Centerbase overview video below – or request a free in-depth demo today!

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Take a quick look at how Centerbase’s iManage integration helps you manage your documents more efficiently. For a personalized demo, click below!

Access documents in one place with fewer clicks

With Centerbase as your firm’s central hub, the iManage integration automatically populates practice-area specific folder structures once you open a matter within Centerbase.

Manage your documents the way you’re used to

Tag, filter, and manage your documents the way you’re familiar with. Even your matter names & metadata sync between iManage and Centerbase. So you can keep supporting your firm’s existing processes.

Capture more time while drafting documents

Centerbase’s Microsoft Office add-ins allow you to track time while working on your documents. So you can capture more billable time while using your iManage integration.

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