Centerbase for Firm Administrators

The ones who keep everything together.


Real-time dashboards and reports for real-time insights

Take the guesswork out of running your law firm with Centerbase’s intelligent reporting and dashboard tools.

View real-time dashboards to keep day-to-day pulse – Get a real-time view of how the firm is operating as a whole. Because Centerbase is an integrated accounting, billing, and practice management software, you can see everything in one place, at one time.

Review business reports – Generate the reports you need to run the business. Centerbase includes a standard report pack and a custom report builder to ensure we cover everything you need.

Simplify everything for everyone

Streamlined billing and accounting

We’ve eliminated extra clicks for your billing and accounting staff. Our integrated financial management features make it easier than ever to manage the law firm’s finances.

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Faster reporting

When your partners ask for reports, the faster you can get it to them, the faster they can make decisions. Our reporting tools make it easy to quickly run reports or create reports on information they need.

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Easier Time Entry

Every timekeeper’s least favorite job is entering time. In Centerbase, we’ve added features to automate this process and when they do have to enter time, we’ve made it simpler than ever.

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Keep your people engaged

Gain actionable insights on upcoming tasks, deadlines, and assignments for your team.

Productivity tracking – Centerbase includes productivity tracking and timekeeper budgeting tools to keep track of how your staff is doing throughout the month.

Tasks load management – Create dashboard reports to see how tasks are being distributed throughout the firm. Reallocate tasks to other team members when someone is overloaded.

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