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Tired of Workflows that are Really Just Glorified Task Lists?

Imagine a system that combines the power of intake forms, calendaring tools, automated emails and document creations. All built to emulate the way your law firm already operates. You don’t need to change your process to use technology – the technology adapts to fit your needs. At Centerbase, if you can dream it, we can build it. Automate the simplest of tasks to the most complex, and everything between. Pitch your “ideal workflow” to a team member today and find out just how easy life can be with our legal workflow automation.

Automate your entire day

Our workflow engine reduces time spent on administrative tasks for everyone in your firm. Free up more time for billable activities and ensure that no follow-up or task falls through the cracks. Finally, our workflow generates reporting for you, letting you know exactly where everything stands.

Assign a workflow to anything

You can attach a workflow to almost any record in Centerbase — whether it’s a potential new client, matter, bill, or contact. Workflows can kick off when a new record is made or you can attach a workflow manually at any time.

Auto triggers

Use triggers to automatically kick actions off once a condition is met. For instance, use a trigger to update the status of a matter once a certain task has been completed.

Generate documents

Workflow can automatically generate form documents on your behalf. Use this feature to generate a fee agreement automatically when you schedule your initial consultation appointment with a prospective client or to generate all the important documents a client needs for a new matter. Our workflow includes conditional logic, so different documents can be generated depending on the type of engagement.

Create new records or edit existing fields

One of the hardest things about implementing a practice management system is making sure everyone fills in the important information. Centerbase can automatically create records for you and update fields on your behalf to keep your database clean and up-to-date.

Automatic or user actions

Centerbase includes both automatic and user actions. Automatic actions can take place once a record is created or once the record matches a certain query’s criteria. User actions take place once you select the action from the workflow drop-down located on any record.

Send automated emails

Centerbase can send form emails on your behalf to relieve some of the administrative burdens. Use this feature to automatically reach out to potential clients, schedule a consultation, thank a referral source, collect documents from a client on a new matter, or remind a client of an outstanding bill.

Automate tasks

Our workflow engine can create and assign tasks on your behalf. Tasks can be assigned to specific users or groups. If a task requires an action to take place, the task will not be completed until the action has been performed within the system.

Flexible paths

Our workflow can be linear or created to bring you down different paths based on conditions. A workflow can also be built to loop back to previous stages, providing endless ways to automate your practice.

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“Our experience will Centerbase has been fantastic. The software allows for lawyers to seamlessly maintain their calendars and billing..”

Ian Kalis
Attorney, Christopher Kalis, P.C.

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