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Legal Timekeeping Software

Track every billable hour throughout your busy day.


Turn Texts and Calls into Dollars

Centerbase automatically captures client phone calls and texts as billable time leading to an average increase of 8 additional hours per attorney each month.

Capture texts as billable events

Automatically capture time spent communicating over text with your clients from the Centerbase web or mobile app.

Automatically track inbound & outbound phone calls

Phone calls made from the Centerbase mobile app or received from your clients are automatically tracked and recorded as a billable event.

Turn billable events into time entries

Billable events can be converted to time entries anytime after your conversation occurs—minutes or days later.

Hassle free time-tracking


Spend less time entering time. Centerbase offers unmatched convenience and accessibility that makes entering your time take less time.

Timekeeping in Microsoft apps

Enter time from the programs you’re already working in. Record your time as you save documents in Word or when you send client emails from Outlook.

Mobile timekeeping

Enter time when it’s most convenient for you, whether that’s as you’re finishing up in the courtroom or waiting in line at the coffee shop.

Timekeeper workbench

Speed up your pre-bill process by allowing all timekeepers to review and edit their time at the end of the month without viewing the pre-bills.

Accelerate time approval process – Quickly review, edit, and approve time entries at the end of the month.

Combine events into single entries – Merge multiple events into a single time entry with one click.

Hold entries – Choose to hold entries on bills for projects you’re still working on until they are complete.

Rate tables

Create a standard set of rate tables for your firm and apply them to different clients or matters.

Unlimited rate tables – Generate as many rate tables as your firm needs.

Effective date ranges – Use effective date ranges on your rate tables to set up rate changes throughout the year.

Scenario based rate exceptions – Use rate exceptions on a client or matter so you don’t have to create a new rate table for one scenario.

Timekeeper budgets

Create timekeeper budgets to track how your timekeepers are doing throughout the year.

Budgets your way – Create timekeeper budgets for hours billed or fees.

Track on any time basis – Track budgets on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Budget reports – Generate budget reports to view with your staff and management team.

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