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See why firms that outgrow Clio are making the switch to Centerbase.

Law firms moving from Clio to Centerbase

Does your firm offer a wide range of billing arrangements? We’ve got ’em. Clio doesn’t.

Billing Arrangements

No two clients are the same. We understand the importance of having flexible billing arrangements, Clio doesn’t.

Payment Allocations

Unless you bill hourly, Clio can’t properly allocate payments to timekeepers. But don’t worry, no matter how you bill, we make the process efficient, accurate, and reliable.

Retainer Replenlishments and Reminders

Asking your clients for retainer replenishments or sending out reminder bills should be part of your normal billing process. Not in Clio. You’ll have to do extra work to get what you need.

eBilling (LEDES)

In Centerbase we let you build multiple eBilling layouts so you’ll never have to manually edit a bill before sending it out. Clio’s eBilling features are barebones, which means if that’s the majority of your business, you’re in for a struggle.

Hourly Billing✔️✔️Bill your clients hourly
Flat Fee Billing✔️✔️Bill your clients based on a single flat fee
Project Billing✔️Bill you clients on multiple flat fees over a period of time
Subscription Billing✔️Bill your clients a fixed amount on a recurring basis
Consolidated Billing✔️✔️Bill your clients across multiple matters on a single bill
Fee Only Billing✔️Bill your clients for the fees only on a matter
Expense Only Billing✔️Bill your clients for the expenses only on a matter
Split Billing✔️Bill multiple clients for fees and expenses on a single matter
eBilling✔️Generate eBilling files
Account Statements✔️✔️Automatically generate account statements for accounts with AR or trust balances

Keep track of every dollar moving in and out of your firm with fully integrated Business and Trust Accounting

Eliminate Data Syncing

We offer fully integrated business and trust accounting. This is huge because with Clio it is necessary to maintain a separate accounting program such as Xero or Quickbooks in order to handle all accounting functions. Having a separate accounting program can cause errors with syncing between the two programs. With Centerbase’s integrated accounting, not only will you eliminate those syncing errors, but you will also save time by ending the necessity of entering billable vendor invoices in two systems.

Ensure Compliance

Our integrated billing and accounting software reduces clicks and ensures compliance.

Bank Reconciliation and Credit Card Bill Backs

Clio won’t allow you to reconcile and bill back credit card charges. But don’t sweat it, Centerbase has your back.

Accounting and Reporting

To seal the deal, we let you departmentalize your accounting and reporting, a feature that Clio doesn’t have at all.

Trust Accounting
Unlimited Trust Accounts Per Matter✔️
Automatic Trust Replenishment Requests✔️✔️
IOLTA Check Printing✔️
Unlimited IOLTA Bank Accounts✔️
Business Accounting
Cash Accounting ✔️
Accrual Accounting✔️
VAT Taxes✔️
Chart of Accounts✔️
Account Segmentation✔️
Vendor Management✔️
1099 Vendor Management✔️
Check Printing✔️
Online Bank/CC Feed✔️

Adaptive, real-time reporting tools to match the way you analyze data so you can create powerful, easy to understand reports

Custom Reports

Create beautiful, custom reports to answer even your most complex questions. Report on virtually any metric from Centerbase like matters, bills, rates, WIP, receivables, expenses, and more.

Make Informed Business Decisions

With everything under one roof, Centerbase makes it easy for larger firms to access the integrated datasets they need to make data-driven decisions faster.

Granular Permissions

It only makes sense that as your firm grows, your reporting requirements will grow too. Centerbase allows you to set granular permissions for specific users, providing different levels of access to your staff. Clio’s report center is all or nothing.

Standard Report Pack✔️✔️
Origination Reporting✔️✔️
Production Compensation Reporting✔️✔️
Accounting Report Pack✔️
Custom Report Builder✔️
Role-based Dashboard Reports✔️

“Centerbase’s reporting tools are ultimately what finalized our decision to move from Clio. The functionality of their custom fields is incredibly useful. Whether I’m building a report on our financials or matter information, I can choose which fields and data to include and which to filter out in order to drill into what I’m looking for. This allows us to make better business decisions for the firm.”

Frank Lacquaniti
Partner, Arias Bosinger

28 user firm


Let Centerbase capture and enter the time you spend working with your clients for you, automatically

Capture Time Automatically

Centerbase is the only software that lets you automatically capture and track calls, texts, and appointments as time entries. We want to help you get on with your day, not waste it.

Private Centerbase Phone Number

Never give out your personal number again. With Centerbase, you’ll have your own private number to communicate with your clients when you want, how you want.

Updating Rates by Client

Centerbase doesn’t make you update all your rates client-by-client. Clio does. We let you assign rate tables and input effective date ranges.

Time Entries

Larger firms need the ability to merge, hold, or approve time entries. We make it easy for you to decide who sees what information and who doesn’t.

Mobile Timekeeping✔️✔️
Timekeeper Budgets✔️
Unlimited Rate tables✔️
Effective Dates on Rate Tables✔️
Timekeeper Workbench✔️
ePre-bill Approval✔️
Automated Time Capture✔️

Every matter detail, all in one simple dashboard

Specific Matter Layouts

Set specific matter layouts for every matter, practice area, or user in Centerbase. Clio confines you to one form with limited custom fields.

Matter Visibility

Instant visibility into all matter communications and activities including texts, emails, calls, financials, and documents. If you need to track other new related records, you can create that record type as you see fit.

Automated Workflows

Centerbase has a complete workflow engine so you can automate all the administrative work on a matter. Let Centerbase take care of the backend work, so you can focus on the front end.

Real-time Matter Dashboards ✔️
Unlimited Matter Layouts ✔️
Matter Metrics✔️✔️
Unlimited Custom Fields✔️✔️
Matter Workflow Automation ✔️✔️

Plan, manage, and organize your team so you can focus on driving revenue and keeping your clients happy

Firm-Wide Calendar

We know it’s important to see everything that’s happening at your firm. Our firm-wide calendaring makes that possible.

Robust Saved Filters

Filter your firm-wide calendar by practice area, attorneys, and more. Save your filters for quick access later without missing a beat.

Unlimited Email and Notification Reminders

With unlimited email and notification reminders, you can rest easy knowing you’re always on top of your workload.

Firm-wide Calendar✔️✔️
Office 365 Calendar Sync✔️✔️
Unlimited Email/Popup Reminders✔️
Court Rules/Deadlines ✔️✔️

Manage unlimited documents and emails in Centerbase

Map Documents to Your Hard Drive

Work the way you want with Centerbase’s mapped drive capabilities. If you were wondering, Clio doesn’t offer this.

Robust NetDocuments Integration

Our NetDocuments integration is unmatched. When you open a client matter in Centerbase, it automatically opens a workspace in NetDocuments right inside the matter.

Microsoft Word/Outlook Plugin

Open and save documents saved in Centerbase from within Microsoft Word, and create time entries as you work without clicking out of your document. And don’t worry, we have Outlook plugins to record time from emails too.

Unlimited Document Storage✔️✔️
Mapped Drive✔️
Microsoft Word Plugin ✔️
Microsoft Outlook Plugin ✔️
Robust Document Search ✔️

Centerbase offers unmatched tools and resources to arm your firm with a greater client-centered experience and a seamless intake process

Share Calendar Appointments

Never leave your clients in the dark again. With Centerbase, you can give your clients the insight they’re looking for by sharing your appointments and deadlines.

Website Form Integration

Expedite your data collection by linking your website forms directly into Centerbase. Eliminate the double entry or document downloads by seamlessly viewing new intake directly in the software you’re already using.

Marketing Attribution

With Centerbase you can track revenue based on referral sources. Your time is valuable, and you shouldn’t have to waste it because your software makes you manually keep tabs on where you allocate the money you owe.

Share Calendar Appointments✔️
Shared Documents ✔️✔️
Share Bills ✔️✔️
Conflict Check ✔️✔️
Website Contact Form Integration✔️
Marketing Attribution✔️
Intake Automation✔️✔️

Seamless Clio data conversions/migrations in less than a week

Our team of dedicated implementation specialists work with you to ensure the transition from Clio is as seamless as possible, converting as much historical data as possible in less than a week.



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At the end of the day, what Centerbase provides you with is the ability to customize what you want and be agile where you need to be. Our job is to make yours easier. It’s this simple: Clio defines flexibility as locking you into their structure. At Centerbase, we work the way you need. No questions asked.