Centerbase Client Reviews

“Centerbase is a Legal Case Management cloud application that provides a Law firm with full matter management of all the details about a case, including the parties (each with contact screens) the court, the filed case activity and MOST importantly all the documents associated with the matter, in one location (at the matter). It is really easy to use and has fantastic customize-ability.”

John Long
Executive Manager, Hackard Law Corporation

“The software is incredibly customize-able. There is no limit to what you can do. Think big, bigger than you think you need to. The customization scales marvelously and works intuitively. The software elevates practice management so that operations are more fluid.”

Theresa Aslin
Director of Client Relations, Kantor & Kantor, LLP

“Thanks to our investment in cutting-edge technology and nimble workflow processes, we were able to transition to primarily remote work within one business day and with no interruptions to client service.”

Brian Winterfeldt
Founder and Principal , Winterfeldt IP Group

“We email our invoices out directly from Centerbase and it has cut days off of the time getting our invoices to our clients.”

Howard Lenett
Operations Manager, Barron & Newburger, P.C.

“Centerbase has helped streamline our daily operation and our monthly billing process. Centerbase is user friendly, easy to navigate, and make it easy to edit bills.”

Erin DaCosta
Office Manager, Lupkin PLLC

“Centerbase has moved our firm into the 21st Century in terms of access through web browser and phone app. Our timekeepers love the straight forward use and it has increased consistency and timing of time entry. The link to LawPay that auto-processes payments has cut our manpower down and increased cash flow for it’s ease of use for our clients. We are a Trust/Retainer heavy firm and clients can make one payment and it directs splits between AR and replenishment retainer in trust to the correct accounts, opposed to us manually tracking and writing multiple checks or transfers from one account to the other.”

Holly Pulido
Firm Administrator, Gray Becker PC

“So much potential for automation! You just have to get creative. I no longer have to crunch excel sheets like crazy when I want to come up with certain lists/data. It’s made many of my redundant reports obsolete. The cloud function is very convenient, as are all of the integrations it has with other products. The interface is also really clean which helps encourage my people to use it.”

Katya Adams
Office Administrator, The Watkins Firm

“Centerbase has increased our efficiency 10-fold with timekeeping and document storage. We had a very clunky timekeeping software before that would crash frequently. So glad to have a better solution!”

Kate Mataya
Senior Associate Attorney, McClure Law Group

“The email bill function is amazing. I figured out how to format the subject line and body of the email and our clients love it. This used to take us multiple days, and now it takes 10 minutes.”

Cassie L. Kirscht
Firm Administrator, McCollum Crowley P.A.

“We quickly outgrew our old solution and required a more advanced software to streamline our firm operations. Since switching to Centerbase our lives are so much easier, especially in a remote work environment.”

Cherie Emling
Personnel Manager, Chilton Yambert Porter LLP