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Centerbase Overview

In this condensed demo, we’ll cover some of the key features in Centerbase like managing matters, documents, entering time into the time sheet, generating bills and sending invoices, and more. If you have any questions about Centerbase, feel free to chat with me in the bottom right hand corner ↘️

What is Centerbase?

Centerbase is a legal practice management platform that includes robust billing features and fully integrated accounting, all from the cloud.

Our goal is to equip law firms with the tools they need to capture more time, get paid faster, and serve their clients better.

Centerbase is more than just a legal software; it’s the heartbeat of your firm. It’s where the people you need, the information you share, and the data you use to make decisions come together to get things done.

When you partner with Centerbase, you get:

  • A comprehensive platform consisting of financial, timekeeping, document, and practice management tools
  • Total customizability tailored to your firm
  • Matter collaboration suite for efficient casework
  • Confidential client contact services like texting and calls
  • Automated legal timekeeping features that increase your billable hours
  • Scalable role-based licenses that can be adjusted at any time
  • Simple turnkey data migration for a seamless transition
  • Tailored training for your staff and dedicated support
  • A personalized success plan

What features does Centerbase include?

Practice Management

With our practice management software, you can track important case information and related matter files all in one place. We also know that keeping information on a matter up to date is a lot of work. Now you can build your case flow directly into Centerbase and automatically update, assign, or complete tasks for you. And if that isn’t enough, we’ve even gone a step further than traditional software by offering visualized kanban task management and instant-messaging tools – so staying connected and briefed on what’s due is just a click away.

Billing & Accounting

If you have doubts about the effectiveness of cloud-based billing and accounting solutions, we’re here to quell them entirely. Although server-based used to be the best route to managing the books, Centerbase has kept what you need while also raising the bar on legal financial management software.

With new features such as automated timekeeping, electronic pre-bill approval, and integrated bank feeds, this has changed the game for many of our clients, improving accuracy on billing statements by as much as 30%.

Document Management

Our built-in document management system means you keep track of – and work with – your client files from the same place you’re managing their matters. For firms using NetDocuments, Centerbase offers a powerful integration that lets you see directly inside of NetDocuments while within Centerbase.

Client Experience

When it comes to your clientele, the client experience features we offer are second to none. With technologies like Automated Time Capture, you now have the ability to privately send and receive texts directly from our web or mobile app (with the record being kept between all devices). Keep in close contact with your client whenever and wherever you are with the ability to seamlessly update them throughout their case.

And if that doesn’t excite you, our 24/7 client portal provides your clients instant access to all their important case documents and deadlines. Now, you can take back a few minutes of your day because the information they were going to call you about is readily available for them to view.

How can Centerbase help my team members?

When designing Centerbase, we carefully considered each person’s role within a law firm, with an overall goal of making everyday tasks easier.


As a Firm Administrator or COO, you’re the glue that holds everyone together – constantly trying to maintain alignment and juggling multiple requests all at once. With Centerbase, you can make the best use of your time with real-time dashboards, firm-wide calendaring, and custom reporting features. Now you’ll have all the information you need right at your fingertips.


Centerbase helps attorneys invest less time while accomplishing more. Whether you’re sending an email in line at the store or in bed reviewing a file, account for all your billable time with at-your-fingertip timesheets. Plus, the convenient, single-matter area for all case-related information makes accessibility with your team seamless and ultra simple.


Paralegals love Centerbase because it also helps them do their job more efficiently. We’ve focused on streamlining the client onboarding experience, making calendaring deadlines easier, and locating documents faster. Once cases are created, you are also able to automatically calculate and calendar deadlines based on your local jurisdiction (how’s that for convenience?).

Billing & Accounting Teams

The billing and accounting team has one of the most important jobs at the firm: to maintain cash flow so the doors stay open. We’ve created modules specifically designed to reduce extra clicks, eliminate duplicate entry, and help your team get the bills out faster each month. Those saved clicks add up over time, too.

Why should I choose Centerbase instead of another legal management software?

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of law firm management software options for any firm to consider. We’ve created content on our legal resource library to help you quickly identify which type of software is best for your firm.

In addition to the content we’ve created on our website, here are a few reasons why Centerbase is great for any law firm to consider:

#1: We can serve your firm for the next 20+ years

We understand changing software is an expensive investment for any law firm. When you decide to make the switch, you’ll want to ensure the software you purchase serves you today and for many years to come.

Many legal software products are rigid, meaning it will solve your problems today, but won’t evolve with your firm over time. The Centerbase platform was designed to be dynamic and flexible with your firm’s needs. Although we offer an out-of-the box product, our platform adapts to midsize firm needs – both today and ten years from now.

#2: Flexible payment structure

Our pricing is scalable. You have the freedom to add or subtract licenses as you need them, instead of investing in perpetual software licensing at a fixed rate. Also, since Centerbase is cloud-based, you have quick access to the majority of our extra integrations and tools from the web, which requires minimal setup.

#3: Painless data migration

Does your firm have a lot of data? Don’t worry, our implementations team has you covered. The data migration process can be stressful, but we take on that burden and make sure all the data you want and need is seamlessly moved over into Centerbase. We also roll out a test import where you can see all your information in action, in real-time. Sleep well at night knowing all your years of data will always be right where you left it.

#4: Customer service available when you are

Our support team is available to answer all your ‘how-to’ questions whenever you need help. Through suggested advice and guidance, we will ensure you achieve your desired results. The team will also diagnose and coordinate updates to the software to correct issues if ever required. We understand that customer service is just as important as the product itself and from day one of your Centerbase journey, we will always be here for you!

#5: We’re dedicated to bringing the latest technology to law firms

Our in-house product and development teams work around the clock to understand what your team’s needs are. You can expect to receive 150-250 enhancements to your Centerbase site every six to eight weeks

How much does Centerbase cost?

Since Centerbase is such a customizable software, our pricing structure varies by client. We offer a three tiered pricing system that’s role-based instead of feature-based, so you’re not paying the same amount for your receptionist for full access as you would a partner at the firm.

Staff: Robust practice management tools that help firms organize cases, maximize productivity and run more efficiently.

Timekeepers: Our Staff plan plus powerful timekeeping tools that help capture every billable minute throughout your day.

Billing & Accounting: Our Timekeepers plan plus integrated financial management tools that help you streamline your billing and accounting.

To help project costs, visit our subscription calculator on our pricing page to create a package that matches your firm’s needs.

How do I get started?

Above all, from our experience moving hundreds of law firms to Centerbase from existing on-prem and over SaaS software packages, our top priority is making sure our software will be a great fit.

Here is what the typical process up until onboarding looks like:

Schedule a Demo

First, we’ll set up a one-hour virtual demo with one of our law firm experts. Click here if you’d like to schedule a demo now.

On the initial demo, we’ll focus on three different topics:

  1. How your firm uses software today and your additional software needs
  2. Provide an overview of our platform, discussing how our program will fit within your law firm.
  3. Reserve time at the end of the presentation to answer specific questions you may have.

After the initial demo, if needed, we’re happy to schedule additional, deep-dive demos to explore different areas of our software such as practice management, billing, or accounting. We believe this personalized time is essential to ascertain your current and long-term needs. It’s our utmost priority that Centerbase is a great fit for your entire team before moving forward.

Scoping call

Once your team has made the decision that Centerbase will be a good fit for your firm, the next step is to set up a scoping call. The purpose of a scoping call is to plan out your transition with one of our conversion specialists.

We’ll discuss:

  1. Data migration: What data do you want to bring over from your previous software into Centerbase? Or do you want to move all of it? We can handle that too. A benefit of working with us is we’re well-versed in data migration. We can provide turnkey migrations from the majority of law firm software packages, so you can pick up right where you left off in your previous system without missing a beat.
  2. Training: We’ll create a tailored training program based on your team’s needs. We offer both web training and onsite training options.
  3. Success plan: Our team will put together a personalized success plan for your firm. We’ll begin the plan design by discussing when you want to go live with Centerbase. From there, we’ll schedule important deadlines and responsibilities for your team and ours.

Get Started!

Finally, we’ll jump on a call to go over the proposal we’ve prepared. If you feel comfortable with our project plan, you’ll be able to eSign our proposal and we’ll generate a bill. Once payment is received, we’ll send over an email to schedule your project kickoff call.

We hope this guide was helpful to understand everything that’s involved with Centerbase and onboarding with us. If you have any additional questions, we’re always on hand to chat – feel free to contact us or learn more about the team whose passion is law firm success.