Turn your to-do’s into ta-da’s

We are in the midst of a once-in-a-century shift for law firms.

From remote work to digital transformation, the world as we know it is different. And no one is feeling this shift more than law firms.

While most firms are busier than ever—it’s not all good. All the busy work is taking you away from the most meaningful and profitable client work.

So what ends up happening?

You have no time for the work that matters most…

Delivering world-class client services

Expanding margins

Meeting billable targets

And building a more profitable (less busy) firm.

Most firms are ignoring how much of an impact all of this adds up to.

What seems like small workflow interruptions during the day get multiplied over the course of weeks, months, and years.

Then what happens? Poor client reviews trickle in, missed billable hours start wracking up, and your balance sheet looks a whole lot different than it should.

Law firms have never had a platform that enables them to fully automate the manual and repetitive busywork across the matter lifecycle—until now.

We’ve built the first Unified Legal Operating System for law firms.

Learn why your firm needs this

Manual admin and busy work kills your billable hours

The problem for law firms is time never stops. Whether it’s billable time. Non-billable time. Or time leakage from lost time. Time is the most valuable asset for you, your firm, and your clients

There’s often not enough time for the billable time – eating at your profitability

This is where a Unified Legal Operating System can be a super-power for attorneys. A legal operating system can easily automate so many technical, mundane, and repetitive tasks in a law firm.

A law firm won’t exist without happy clients

Your clients have increased expectations. They prefer online payments, auto reminders, text updates, easy-to-read bills, transparent client portals, etc.

Your clients demand high-value work, and they’ll search until they find it. That’s why it’s more important than ever to meet clients where they’re at and deliver 5-star client experiences.

Firms with high client satisfaction have their behind-the-scenes operations automated, so they can focus on making every client feel like the firm’s #1 priority. Because happy clients mean more referrals and more sustainable profits.

Matter collaboration is the key to efficiency

Think about the last time you were working on a matter. It’s probably safe to say that you weren’t the only one involved. Because with every matter, it’s critical to share knowledge, collaborate with key people, and keep front and back-office teams in sync.

But when matters are siloed between people, departments, etc., this kills your efficiency. And you waste time chasing down people and paper.

You can bring your teams, knowledge, and services together with just one platform – Centerbase. We even integrate with software you already know and love, so your workflow is never interrupted – only optimized.

You deserve legal software that works WITH you, not against you

We’re on a mission to change the business of law.

Imagine a world where you can fully automate the mundane and repetitive tasks that allows you to focus on the work that matters while building a client experience that expands margins and referrals.

Centerbase is fully customizable and integrates with your firm’s workflow. This saves you serious time (and frustration) having to log into multiple systems or being forced to completely change the way you’ve been working for years to fit the mold your new technology has forced you into.

With the first unified operating system, you now have the power to work smarter and work faster.

Finally, there’s a better way.

Centerbase: First Unified Operating System for Law Firms

Transform the way you find clients, work with clients, and have everything you need to get client work done.

Manage Your Firm

Manage all your client and matter work in one place—not all over the place.

Grow Your Firm

Improve profitability throughout the matter lifecycle.

Deliver More Value

Guide your clients from the first email to long-term high-value relationships.

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