Turn your to-do’s into ta-da’s

You’re in the midst of a once-in-a-century shift for law firms.

From remote work to digital transformation, the world as you know it is different. And no one is feeling this shift more than law firms.

While your firm is busier than ever—it’s not all good. All the busy work is taking you away from the most meaningful and profitable client work.

So what ends up happening?

You have no time for the work that matters most…

Delivering 5-star client services

Meeting billable targets

And building a more profitable (less busy) firm.

Most firms are ignoring how much of an impact all of this adds up to.

What seems like small workflow interruptions during the day get multiplied over the course of weeks, months, and years.

Then what happens? Poor client reviews trickle in, untracked billable hours start adding up, and your balance sheet looks a whole lot different than it should.

You’ve never had a platform fully automates the manual and repetitive busy work across the matter lifecycle—until now.

The way you practice law has changed. We’re the platform that makes change easy.

Learn why your firm needs this

Complete more meaningful matter work. Without busy work.

You waste time trying to piece together matter information. Finally, find everything related to a matter, on the matter.

Run history bills, complete trust fund transfers, send emails, give refunds, create documents, and more – right within the matter you’re working on. Automatically open, close, and work matters based on your firm’s specific workflow. Even send clients automatic updates as their matter progresses.

So as your case-load increases, your busy work doesn’t.

Serve more clients.

Without sacrificing 5-star service.

Your clientele is growing faster than you can keep up with. Finally, automate the client experience to serve more clients without adding to your to-do list.

Conflict-check, open matters, and set first meetings with zero clicks. Individualize their experience by offering a variety of billing arrangements, payment options, budgets, and more. Plus, give your clients a secure portal to share documents, pay bills, schedule meetings, etc.

So you can cater to every client – without sacrificing that personal touch they chose you for.

Finish your billing cycle faster.

Without human errors.

You dread sending out bills only for clients to catch your errors. It makes an already lengthy process even longer for you -and reflects poorly on your firm. Now you can automatically capture every billable second.

Watch as time entries instantly convert into billing entries on the matter. Then automatically send pre-bills up the approval chain. Once clients have their bills, record payments without touching a button.

So you can complete billing faster – with no room for error. Making your clients even more confident in you.

You deserve legal software that works with you – not against you.

You’ve had to completely change the way you’re used to working to fit the mold new technology has forced you into.

Imagine a platform that enhances the way you work – not change it. A platform where you can fully automate the workflows of everyone in your firm.

Finally, automate every part of your to-do list. From intaking clients to closing matters, we do it for you. Without making you change the way your staff works best. Because you already know what your workflows are – we just automate them.

So you can focus on serving clients and running your firm – not clicking between software.

Centerbase: First Unified Operating System for Law Firms

Transform the way you find clients, work with clients, and get client work done.

Manage Your Firm

Manage all your client and matter work in one place—not all over the place.

Grow Your Firm

Improve profitability throughout the matter lifecycle.

Serve Your Clients

Guide your clients from the first email to long-term high-value relationships.

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