Centerbase Accounting Vs Accounting Alternatives 

Centerbase Accounting: Is It Right for Your Firm?

Account for every dollar moving in and out of your law firm with fully integrated law firm accounting. Save yourself time and headache by eliminating the need to enter the same information in multiple systems.

See why firms are using Centerbase accounting

    It’s integrated with the rest of your timekeeping, billing, and matter management

    Keeping your accounting software separate from your other practice management tools wastes your time and kills your accuracy.

    Custom financial reporting is already built-in

    Building accounting reports seems impossible when you have to manually enter metrics. With an integrated platform, you can pull reports instantly without needing any technical knowledge.

    It double-checks your work for you

    You don’t have room for error and that’s why Centerbase has extra security that double-checks the numbers you enter, saving you the anxiety of being incorrect.

    Choosing legal accounting software that reduces errors and boosts efficiency will pay for itself – and make you the firm hero.

    Stay with your current accounting software if:

    • You like manually creating accounting reports
    • You don’t need CPA friendly software
    • You like re-entering information into multiple platforms

    Choose Centerbase if:

    • You want to stop dreading audits
    • You want 100% accuracy for your firm and client financials
    • You want your accounting software to automatically know when money flows in and out

    Accounting that works with you – not against you.

    We empower you to do what you’ve always done – serve clients and grow your firm. We just help make it effortless.

    Manage Multiple Trusts and Retainers

    ❌ Other accounting platforms can’t support multiple trusts and retainers on one matter or even support trust accounting in general. What good is accounting software if you can’t manage both your firm and client financials?

    ✅ Centerbase easily manages multiple trusts and retainers for one or multiple matters and saves you time by automatically applying trust money to bills. You can even set replenishment thresholds that instantly notify your clients to send trust replenishment funds.

    Reconcile Credit Card Transactions With Live Online Banking

    ❌ Most accounting platforms don’t allow a live connection to your bank account which makes reconciling your credit card transactions nearly impossible.

    ✅ Centerbase lets you easily process and reconcile your credit card transactions with our live banking feed.

    Track Every Debit and Credit with T-Accounts

    ❌ Very few accounting platforms offer total transparency when it comes to seeing every debit and credit and what accounts they affect.

    ✅ Centerbase’s T-Accounts are an ultra-simplified view of every single debit and credit, and includes exactly which accounts are touched so you’ll always know where your money is coming and going.

    Automatically Record Client Payments

    ❌ Other accounting platforms require you to manually enter in each client payment, wasting your time and causing inaccuracy.

    ✅ Once the deposit is made in Centerbase, the payment is instantly reflected in your accounts and financial statements, resulting in fast and error-free reconciliation.

    View Client and Vendor Financials at a Glance

    ❌ Other accounting software requires several clicks to see even just one client’s financials, wasting you and your client’s time.

    ✅ Centerbase has a built-in Client and Vendor Center, allowing you to see overdue bills, deposits yet to be made, unbilled expenses, outstanding vendor bills, unprinted checks, and so much more.

    Control Who Accesses Your Accounts

    ❌ Very few accounting platforms allow you to individually manage who can access your bank accounts which put your firm at risk.

    ✅ With Centerbase, you can set permissions for each user and bank account depending on who needs access. Because your firm’s financials are precious and deserve to be protected.

    Quick Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    • Does it track Production and Origination?

      Yes! You can automatically track multiple originators on the matter or client level. Making compensation a breeze.

    • How does your accounting handle recurring vendor payments?

      You can create memorized vendor bills for recurring payments due on a monthly basis.

    • Can my CPA use this?

      Centerbase offers free licenses for your CPA to access Centerbase.

    • How does your accounting handle checks for vendors?

      You can print checks without having to create vendor bills. Tie each line item on a check back to a firm expense account or a client cost advanced.

    • Does it have a Chart of Accounts?

      You can set up your chart of accounts directly in Centerbase. Break down accounts by different criteria such as location, attorney, or practice area.

    • Is your online banking truly “live”?

      Yes! Online credit card bills automatically feed into Centerbase.
      You can easily link payments directly to transactions in your banking feed, then create client expenses from your credit card transactions.

    Law Firms *Really* Love Using Centerbase

    “Without being integrated, there’s no way I could do what I do on a daily basis. It would just be way too difficult. Without another body, you’re just worrying about that. If we were using something else, as far as trust accounting and everything else. I mean, when it comes to trust transfers and stuff, I close my eyes and do it. It’s so simple.”

    David Holl, Business Operations Manager
    McKean Smith

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