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Efficiency in the Digital Age

Efficiency in the Digital Age: Best Communication Tools for Law Firms

Both internal and client communications have been changed forever. Moving forward, it’s time to take charge and find ways to use law firm communication tools that prioritize security and efficiency for everyone involved – including clients. Learn what legal communication tools could do for your firm.

Clients and attorney's are texting now more than ever

Everything You Need to Know About Communicating With Your Clients Via Text: The Good and the Bad

We are in an age of hacking, there is no getting around that. Let’s take a look at the threats your firm faces, the obligations you have with your clients when you communicate through text, and how to protect yourself while you communicate in today’s day and age. 

A clients journey with a law firm is essential to that law firms success

The Business of Law Part 2: Running a Client-Centered Law Firm

The purpose of a client-centered law firm, and why many firms have moved toward it, is to set themselves apart and be more competitive. Learn why this is a client-centered model is critical and how it will keep you profitable for years to come.

Customers now control how businesses and industries operate. Creating customer-centric models that enhance alignment is how businesses must move forward in order to thrive.

The Business of Law Part 1: In the Age of the Consumer

With access to the internet, consumers can now decide for themselves when, where, and at what price point a licensed attorney is required. So, how do law firms move forward and differentiate themselves, scale, and align with customers in a way that meets the needs of our changing society in 2020 and beyond?

Automation creates efficiencies and advantages that manual labor does not

Staying Ahead of the Curve: Bolstering Efficiency Through Automation

Constant developments in automation have made law firms considerably more profitable. Let’s discuss the ways legal automation tools help bolster efficiency in a way that benefits your firm, and doesn’t add unnecessary steps or complications.

Today people are working wherever they are, whenever they want.

Dawn of a New Digital Age: How Firms Can Transform to Meet Our New Digital Normal

Emerging digital technologies are uniquely positioned to disrupt how law firms conduct their businesses today. With the adoption of these technologies, firms can provide better client services and attain higher revenue-driven results.

Employee pitching an idea to a team

How to Pitch New Legal Practice Management Software to Your Management Committee

Over the years, we have compiled some tips and tricks on how our clients have successfully pitched purchasing practice management software to their law firms. We found that the firms who have adopted new technology look for the best ways, venues, and times to voice their ideas and concerns—using rhetorical skill, driven data, and interpersonal connections to move the right leaders to action.

Staff working remotely in their own space

The Disadvantages of Working Remotely: How Legal Professionals Can Overcome Them

While there are considerable advantages to working from home, there are also disadvantages of remote working for legal professionals that need to be addressed. In this pandemic, and moving forward, some degree of remote work will become commonplace, so it’s time to get ahead on managing performance and balancing the pros and cons that will inevitably crop up.

Principles of a Lean Law Firm: Creating a Framework to Optimize Your Business

The benefits of adopting the Lean principles are endless. Your firm will see revenue-driven results, dramatic reductions in cost, improvements in quality and consistency, and faster legal processes through the improvement of client services.

Want A Competitive Edge? Invest in Your Training

Training is one of the leading factors that creates the largest gap between buying and utilizing technology. But training doesn’t have to be such a pain point. At its core, the key is to look at technology training as an investment rather than a cost.

Running A Lean Law Firm: How Eliminating Waste Can Drive Revenue

Learn how adopting Lean methodology at your law firm can maximize value and minimize waste.

Tips For Firms to Attract the Best Recent Law Grads

For one-third of law firms, a 2019 survey revealed recruitment is among management’s top challenges. Here are some tips on how you can incentivize new talent to join your firm.

7 Benefits of Consolidating Your Legal Tech Stack

Consolidating your legal tech stack has its benefits. From easier training and onboarding, billing accuracy, and time tracking, the advantages of integrating your practice management software far outweigh the costs.

10 Actionable Tips to Speed Up Your Monthly Billing Process

Legal billing doesn’t have to be hard. Here are our top tips for ways that you can start accelerating your law firm’s billing processes.

Legal Collaboration: Expectation vs. Reality

Matter collaboration opens up a treasure trove for lawyers to work across specialties, gain loyal clients, and charge more for their work in the long run.

5 Questions to Ask a Legal Practice Management Software Vendor Before Purchasing

Traditionally, law firms only replace their practice management and billing software every 10-20 years, so evaluating new products after all that time can be overwhelming. Take a look at these 5 specific questions you should always be asking your new software vendors.

7 Benefits of Legal Practice Management Software in a Law Firm

There are endless reasons why you should adopt case management software, but we’ve narrowed it down to 7 specific reasons to consider.

4 Tips on How to Begin Using Legal Practice Management Software

Implementing legal practice management software can be challenging! Learn about the things you can do to make the transition smoother for your employees and increase your adoption rate.

How much does legal practice management software actually cost?

The cost of migrating to a cloud-based, legal practice management software can be a lot more than just the subscription price vendors advertise on their website. Take a look at our cost breakdown to get a better understanding of how much it could cost your firm.

3 Types of Legal Practice Management Software to Consider for Your Law Firm

With so many legal practice management software applications in the marketplace, it’s hard for any law firm to know where to start when deciding to change from their existing platform. Check out the pros and cons of each platform and decide for yourself which practice management software would work best for your firm.

How to Create a Legal Practice Management Software Training Program

If your firm is making an investment in new legal practice management and billing software in order to achieve some desired financial and procedural improvements, we’ve got tips on how you can set up your legal practice management and billing software training program.

What Should be Imported Into Your New Legal Billing Software?

If you’re moving to a new legal billing or practice management software, we’ve got you covered! Check out everything you should be able to import and some of the tricks that can result from what’s imported into your new legal billing software.

What Features Do I Need In a Legal Practice Management Software?

Before you purchase legal practice management software, it’s important to understand the capabilities that most programs offer. Check out the features you should consider when you’re evaluating practice management software.

Protecting your sensitive information through secure cloud services

Data Security for Law Firms: Everything You Need to Know

Law firms store a veritable treasure trove of data that any cyber-pirate would covet. Find our what data security meaures your firm should be taking.

Everything You Need to Know About Legal Workflow Automation and Why You Should Have It

Workflow automation of legal processes helps departments in law firms improve performance, slash costs and errors, and become more efficient.